The Team

Glass operates under the directorship of Annette C. Cremer (JLU Giessen). It consists of two partial projects: the scientific subproject of the TU Freiberg under supervision of Gerhard Heide and the cultural studies subproject of the JLU Giessen under supervision of Annette C. Cremer. The main cooperation partner is the Arnstadt Schlossmuseum (City of Arnstadt) under the direction of Antje Vanhoefen who initiated the project. Within the framework of the project, Ms Vanhoefen’s focus is on the use of glass objects at court.

The project is coordinated by Anna-Victoria Bognár (JLU Giessen, Arnstadt) who is also in charge of archival research on Schwarzburg glass production. Yamna Ramdani (TU Freiberg) is responsible for material science aspects of the glass objects. Judith Thomann (JLU Giessen) examines glass objects in collections, while Carolin König (JLU Gießen) is concerned with flat glass and the use of glass objects in medicine. Larissa Sebastian (JlU Gießen) investigates the role of glass objects in narrative texts. Torsten dos Santos Arnold (JLU Gießen) deals with the Europe-wide flow of goods and raw materials necessary for glass production.